Tim Smith's Climax Moonshine Merchandise

Climax Moonshine

Climax Moonshine Merchandise

Tim Smith Moonshine T-Shirts

Tim Smith Hats

Chatham Shirts
40 Depot St
Chatham, VA 24531

Telephone: 434-432-8711

Tim Smith Moonshine Hats

Tim Smith Hats

Tim Smith Moonshine Hats

Classic Still Cap
Corn & Moon Cap

Tim Smith Moonshine Flask

Moonshine Flask

Tim Smith Moonshine Engraved Flask

6 oz - $14.00
8 oz - $16.00
12 oz - $18.00

Tim Smith Moonshine Keychain Flask

Keychain Flask

Tim Smith Moonshine Engraved Keychain Flask

1 oz - $10.00
2 oz - $12.00

Tim Smith Folding Moonshine Cup

Moonshine Cup

Tim Smith Moonshine Engraved Stainless Steel Folding Cup


8x10 Autographed Photos - $15.00

Autographed Photo

"Tim at Old Barn"

To order, please send check or money order to:
Tim Smith
PO Box 204
Chatham, VA 24531

Autographed Photo

"Tim and Camo"

Autographed Photo

"Tim and JT At The River"

Autographed Photo

"Family Photo"

With all photos, be sure to include any personal message you would like to have added to your picture!

Note: Please specify the name of the photo in the memo section of your check or money order